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Talented Tuesday - Evangelist Joseph Morrell

Evangeliste Joseph Van Morrell

I found the following story in the museum in Grand Fall, New Brunswick. It was written by Anita B. Lagace of Grand Falls. My sisters in law remember her as the stereotypical old maid with her hair always pulled back neatly in a bun. She ran the first library in Grand Falls, also a little general store. 

Evangeliste Van Morrell was Thomas T Vasseur's godfather.

Grand Falls 1896-1974
by Anita B. Lagace

Exerpt, 1904

"The mid-summer horse races at Grand Falls were set for August 12, 13. Van Morrell easily persuaded the committee that his wire walking exhibition at the chasm would draw a crowd to town for the races.

So the mighty feat was on. A lone human being would walk 400 feet of wire across the brow of Grand Falls, 100 feat . . . the maelstrom below. August 12 was overcast. The clouds had not kept the race fans away. At 2:25 PM, Van Morrell was making a last minute test of his rigging. AT 2:30 the Perth band struck up. With three probing steps the lone wire walker was in his stride. This was the private world of Van Morrell, where other men did not enter. This was a world of roaring water and jagged rock the . . . beckoned downward. 

Halfway across, the performer's knees began to buckle, his body began to bend at the waist. A moment more and his balancing pole had touched the wire at right angles, and Van Morrell rose in a perfect head-stand halfway across the gorge. For twenty minutes he held the crowd with his usual acrobatics, then leisurely completed his crossing.

Most of those who had come to the races spent the afternoon at the gorge, marveling at the feat they had seen. At the height of the suspense, some thoughtful soul passed the hat. The princely sum of forty-five cents was received by Van Morrell. (Fred Phillips, Atlantic Advocate)

In the Vasseur family collection of old photos, I found this photograph of Van Morrell walking the tightwalk from the schoolhouse - a different day and locale, but still in Grand Falls.

I found the following at Find a Grave.

Evangelist Joseph Morrell
Birth: Mar. 10, 1867
Death: 1939

Evangelist Joseph Morrell
Aerialist. Born Evangelist Joseph Van Morrell in Bangor, Maine, the son of French Canadian parents. He practiced the art of tightrope walking, making his mark on August 12, 1904. As part of a two-day festival held at The Sporting Park overlooking the upper basin of the Grand Falls, he volunteered to give a demonstration of his skills. He oversaw the installation of a 400 foot wire across the river and then, carrying a 20 foot pipe for balance, he began across the wire. After one false start he began again, executing a headstand at the center of the wire before a completing a successful traverse. A display of his feat can be seen at the Grand Falls Museum in Grand Falls, New Brunswick. (bio by: Iola)

Northview Cemetery
Evangelist Joseph MorrellWayne County
Michigan, USA

Maintained by: Find A Grave
Originally Created by: LML
Record added: Mar 16, 2003
Find A Grave Memorial# 7266416

Cemetery Photo

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Name Change

To all my followers: yes, I did change the name of my blog. It used to be Mairsie Dotes and Dosie Dotes, and now it is Malabeam's Song. Why? I found that I was leaning towards  my Vasseur Family in my topics, and I already have a blog for the Moore's and a blog for the Holmes's. My Vasseur ties originated in Grand Falls, and Grand Falls celebrates the Indian maiden, Malabeam. So, new title, same family I've been writing about recently. I just might add my S'Moore's and Old Post Road to Geneabloggers one of these days. You can read about Malabeam in my new first post.

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Amanuensis Monday - The Diary of William J Vasseur

My niece, the late Paula McAleer Seamon, sent me this copy of Uncle Billy's diary. It is in his own handwriting.

James William Vasseur was born in Grand Falls, New Brunswick, on February 20, 1879. He died in Grand Falls on February 16, 1953. In his old age he stayed with my inlaws. My mother in law agreed to keep him as long as he bathed and he would let her wash his clothes and bedding on a regular basis. He was the son of James William and Severine Bellefleur Levasseur. He had an older sister, Mathilde, born 1870, who married Joseph Crozier. He had an older brother, John, born 1877, who married Catherine (Kate) Mallen.

I have used his spelling and punctuation, such as it is. When I cannot read the writing, I put a ?  My notes and questions are surrounded by [ ]. The diary begins on page 42, unfortunately. I inserted some of Uncle Billy's photographs, hopefully at appropriate places. The Grand Falls Genealogy Club has a website worth looking at: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~nbgfgc/gfpast.htm#gfpastpres

William, right

Diary of William J Vasseur (42)
Grand Falls, NB D 31 1892


Dec 31 Henry McCluskey shot himself in a lumber camp

[No year]

Sept 4 I made my first communion


Feb 20 the Grand Falls Hotel burntd

[The Grand Falls Hotel circa 1880/90, from the collection
of the Grand Falls Museum]


Nov A A Dixon old shop burnt

June 5 A A Dixon build the new shop

Sept   I worked in the woods for E McCullm


Dec ? [difficult to read date] the big gale of wind


April 20 railroad bridge broke down by ice

[I am not sure that this is the railway bridge or not. It is a photo from William's album.]

Apr15 I drove for Hazelton in Restigouche first spring

June 8 Marry [or Murry] Sirois got married

July 15 The merry-go-round was here


Feb 4 Severen Vasseur died [not to be confused with his mother, Severine. Does anyone know who       Severen/Severin was? Upon further investigation with the help and suggestion of Elliott Parker, I do find a Severine Levasseur who died in Drummond, New Brunswick, on this date. It is probable that she is his aunt, sister of his father James.]

March 17 J J Corbett & R. Fitzsimmons fought [heavy weight boxers]

Sept    worked in the woods for McCullm

April 10 ? B Sirois Died

Aug 16 Levite Sirois got married

Aug 16 the Marry-go-round was here

Aug 17 Wm St. Amand & R Dagel went out west


July 4 we had the big mission in church


July 19 Mat Burgess got married


June 26 the train broke through Bridge

July 22 Albertha Dixon got drowned at ?

July 26 she was found by Father and I.

July 27 she was burried very big funerel I was one of the pall bearers

Aug 10 David & William Tardy went out west


Jun 1 A A Dixon shop Burnt

Aug ? Frank Estey went out west

Oct 29 John N Vasseur got married

[Kate and John Vasseur, front]


Jan 1 Geo D McCluskey Died

Jun 29 I was acpted as a Brother Forster in court Grand Falls No 32-81 [number difficult to read]

        A A Dixon Chip Ranger


Jan Queen Victoria Died

Photograph of Queen Victoria, 1882
Victoria wearing her small diamond crown
Photograph by Alexander Bassano, 1882

Queen of the United Kingdom
Reign20 June 1837 – 22 January 1901
Coronation28 June 1838
PredecessorWilliam IV
SuccessorEdward VII
Prime MinistersSee list

Empress of India
Reign1 May 1876 – 22 January 1901
Imperial Durbar1 January 1877
PredecessorTitle created
SuccessorEdward VII
ViceroysSee list
ConsortAlbert, Prince Consort
Victoria, German Empress
King Edward VII
Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse
Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Helena, Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein
Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll
Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught
Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany
Beatrice, Princess Henry of Battenberg
Full name
Alexandrina Victoria
HouseHouse of Hanover
FatherPrince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn
MotherPrincess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld
Born24 May 1819
Kensington Palace, London
Died22 January 1901 (aged 81)
Osborne House, Isle of Wight
Burial4 February 1901


June 8 Baptist Michaud Died

June 15 we begain with the Atlantic Standard time

July 25 J J Jeff  & Fitz fought

Oct 1 I went hunting up Salmon river got one moose & cut my foot

Oct 6 Fred ? Dixon cut three fingers

Oct 28 William Grenier got married


Feb 4 Roy day was shot by Butler

Feb 19 Mr Gabe Smith Died

Feb 28 Election day Tweedel & Burgess were elected [Hon Lemuel John Tweedie, Premier]

April 7 P G Fraser Died

May 22 Angus McLeod cut both feet

July 4 I came home from Dirving on ?

July 20 I begun working for O B Davis [mill]

Aug 23 I finished my canver cannoe [canvas?]

Oct 9 Dr. ? Wade was berried

Nov 22 Fred Pelletier got drounded

Dec 10 William Gronden Died

Nov 20 George Watson came home

Dec 28 Harry Watson cam home


Jan 4 they began working on the warf

Jan 5 a big fire in Chicago 587 lives lost [perhaps the fire in the Iroquois Theater of December 31, 1903]

Feb 9 John Burgess got married

Aug 12 a big horse trot excursions every ?

Aug 13 Professor Morral walked the wire [Evangeliste Joseph Van Morrell - tightrope walk over Grand Falls]

Sept 27 George Smith got married


Jun  17 Chas Mulherin got married

June13 the G F S S club was Organized proposed by G P Fraser W J Vasseur Berry Fraser & Grace West

April 15 we Organize the Maple Leafe Orchestra of five pieces

[William, with fiddle, second from left, back row. His brother John, in front, holding his flute.]



Feb 13 Mother Died @ 12:30 oclock pm and Barried Thursday 15th @ 10:00 oclock Aged 57 Years

March 4 I begain watching Small Pox

April 4 they were all fumagated

June 20 Everett Mccluskey & Harry Taylor went out west

July 28 I went down Woodstock to the Barnum Balley

Sept 12 I went hunting up sissen branch with F Wade & H McLaughlan  & sailed down tobique [ Sissan and Tobique Rivers]

Nov 3 went up sissen branch guiding with E Malery ?

Nov 8 two sports there names was P Albert Popyrenhusen
Western Union Bldg.

C F Ublacker
c/o Ford Bacon Davis
24 Broad St
New York

[These names were written in very large font - must have been important to him. I can find P Albert Poppenhusen on Google, although nothing very interesting there, and I can find the name Ublacker, but not an athlete; can anyone help? The second initial of Ublacker is difficult to read; may not be F.]


Feb 11 Joseph Corbin got married

            Johnny Cyr got married

1903 [looks like that]

Jan 25 measurement of J J Jeffers calf 17 1/ " reach 77 1/2" forearm 13 1/2" chest 4 " waist 34" thigh 25" height 61 1/2" neck 17" weight 220 lbs

Wm Vasseur measurement
 reach 69"' forearm 12" chest 36 waist 30 1/2" thigh 22 1/4" calf 14 1/2" height 5'6 1/2" neck 14 1/2" weight 158   Born Feb 20th 1879

William Vasseur, aka Uncle Billy

[I often wondered who Jeff and Fitz were. I googled J J Jeffers and found James Jackson Jeffries, who defeated Bob Fitzsimmons in Brooklyn, New York, in June 1899, to become the heavyweight champion of the world. See also J J Corbett. Those must be the boxers who John and William referred to quite often.]



March 9 A Party over to Mrs T Kellys

March 9 Wm Parris Barn burndt

March 12 I went to Toronto with Fred Wade on potato carr [Potatoes are a major export of Grand Falls]

March 25 we got back from Toronto

March 28 Mrs. John Mulherin Sr died

April 19 A big party over home

April 20 W F Kertson's house Burnd

April 23 Roy Kelly Herbert Kelly & Archile LeClair went out west

June 12 Sandy Wood got married big dance in hall

June 13 went down to Picnic down Ranger Settlement with the Band and took in a show at Limestone [Maine]

June 18 Leonard Parent got Married

June 23 Bishop Barry Blessed the Bell and laid the corner stone for the new church [This could be L'Eglise St. Georges but I am not sure]

June 24 Milltown was reunited to the parish of Grand Falls

June 25 William Poitras got Married

July 9 horserace on Park it rained all day

July 10 racing on park and Balloon assention at 6:30 Parashoot drop Happy droped back of graveyard in a burnt tree Teany droped on Billy Grenier's farm across the river in a big birch tree big dance in Hall that night

July 11 finished the Horse trot the race was made by the Gallagher Brothers dance in Hall that night too

July 19 Mrs C. B. Rouleau Died Age 33 years Bearried 22nd

Aug 20 a big picnic on flat for new Church

Aug 21 held picnic again the people was adressed by Sen John Costigan an a few of the well known spekers of Canada dance both nights [ John Costigan was a New Brunswick politician, represented Victoria County in Parliament, Liberal Party, Elected Senator in 1907 - Wikipedia]


Aug 22 Tom Mallen Tom Estebrooks Archele Soucie Joseph Bernier & John Harley went out west with Frank Estey [Tom Mallen was Kate Mallen Vasseur's brother]

Tom Mallen, John Vasseur, William Vasseur
from William's photo album

Sept 12 the school teachers had an institute in Kertson's Hall music by Maple Leaf Orta

Sept 13 2 PM F I Wade H. W. McLaughlin Louis Mallen & Myself went hunting up sissen branch stayed all night to Carroll Camp Ryan Brook

Sept 14 went up to ? Leony's Camp Trafton Brook stayed there all night

Sept 15 went to John Giberson's depoe on Miggie Brook stayed there all night and caught a good mess of trout for supper

Sept 16 went up to Chester Giberson Camp with a load of grub cleand it all out and came back to the dipoe

Billy on left

Sept 17 went back to Chester Camp with another load and stayed there

Sept 18 watched the ponds saw no moose but shot 1 deer  & seven Partridges

Sept 19 watched the ponds I saw a cow & calf and shot one Partridge

Sept 20 watched the ponds seen no moose but shot 1 Partridge

Sept 21 rainy watched ponds in afternoon saw nothing

Sept 22 rainy watched ponds in afternoon saw one cow and two calves and shot three Partridges


Sept 23 went back to the Dipoe and shot 4 Partridges and built 2 catamarans

Sep 24 rainy went out and had a little fish

Sep 25 saild down Sissen Branch and Herby fell in the Brook stayed all night to Carrolls Camp

Sept 26 saild down to the Lake went ? saw no moose & saild down to the Falls stayed there all night

Sept 27 went back to the Dipoe

Sept 28 Herby & and Louis [Mallen, perhaps?] went home Wade & I went up the right hand. Branch to the old Trafton Camp 10 miles above the forks with a load of grub. 2 miles from the old Camp we shot a nice Buck on the tote-road shot him in the eye and spoild the head we saw a young bull moose in old Camp yard broucing after we got to the old Camp seeing so many signs of moose that we made up our mind to not chop any wood for fear of making to mutch noise so we broke up enough old Barrolls for wood for all night. it was then 5:30 pm we got on top of the camp and we called for a moose 6 pm got answer 6:30 heard him coming down a little brook you could hear is grunts for miles echoing over the mountains we could hear him in the elders but it was to dark to see him. went back in the Camp kindled a fire (48) cooked supper and went to bed

Sept 29 up early eat our breakfast and extinguished the fire and called again without answer then we wandered up the right hand side of the Brook on an old halling road we came to an old meadow where the same moose had passed the night and heard the clang of his horns up against the trees across the brook so we wandered up the nex pond as quietly as posiable we heard a terriable crash and terifying roars that made our hair stand on end and eachoed for miles over the ridges we stole along as easy as possible with guns already cocked within 20 yards of it and found it to be a big cow & calf calling for a bull we waited for a long while in case a bull would come but all in vain continuing our Journey up the brook in serch of a little Lake we saw another cow. after finding the Lake we boild the kettle and had our dinner on our way back hurring to git to camp early enough to cut wood for night we starled another big bull witch made a tirriable noise with his horns got to camp at 5:30 pm


Sept 30 went up to the ponds in the morning it was rainy there was no fresh signs we called three calls but no answer. we went back to camp eate our dinner then we wandered over a big ridge going towards Nason Brook when we arived at the second branch of the Brook we saw so many fresh signs that we thought we would call we gave three calls without answer just as I was tyying up the horn to give the forth call we heard the most terriable crash and grunts that we ever heard before he came within 20 yards of us through the thick elders but he got wind of us before he came in sight he was a big fellow from the noise he made with is horns it was gitting quite late then so we went back to camp about 8 oclock we were sitting down cooking supper had a large fire burning we heard a heavy animall jump on top of the camp. ran the whole length of it it made an afull noise we thought the camp was coming down we jumped to our rifles upsat all our deer steak and went out just in time to see it disaper in the woods we never know (50) what it was but it was a heavy animall.

Oct 1 rainy we could not git out

Oct 2 went back to the Dipoe

Oct 3 went up the Miggic ponds saw nothing

Oct 4 went back home

Oct 11 John C McCluskey Died

Oct 29 Joseph Crozier's wife Died Aged 36 years

[Joseph Crozier's wife was William and John's sister, Matilda]

Nov 3 Dan Gillaspie's wif Died

Nov 10 young Crofford got drownded

Nov 18 Joe Barnier got killed out west by a falling tree

Oct 31 Chrlie Bradley Died aged 13 years

Nov 6 Emaline Mulerin got married

Dec 31 Agness Crozier Died age 17 years [His niece; see tombstone above, Oct 29]


Feb 11 Fred LaClair got married

Feb 25 Charles Churchill died

Feb 26 Old man Kertson Died aged 90years

Feb 27 Old Charles McCluskey Died age 88 years

Feb 26 the Transcontinental Enginerr gave a big Ball in Edmundston we went and played for them a swell time

March 3 Election day for the Provence Burgess & Tweedel were Elected but the conservative Party went in [see Feb 28, 1903]

Mar 19 a concert in IOF Hall for the new Catholic church music by Maple Leaf Orchestra


March 20 we went to Limestone with the concert had a swell time

Mar 23 Old Albert Lynch Died

Mar 24 Mrs. Gabrial Poitras Died

May 26 the Grand Falls Rifle club had their oficial shoot There was 2 prize given J. L. White got one and I got the other

June 16 Edward St Amand got married

June 19 went to the celabration New Denmark in a Dubble hitch Ethel Kelly Ethel Price Mary Estabrook Herby McLaughlin & Myself had an Elegant time

July 4 found the body of young Craford by the Factory [see Nov 10, 1907]

Aug 20 Henry Kelly Died

Aug 23 Ethel Kelly an I went up to her Gramma had a good time

Oct 26 George Theirault got killed in grist mill

Nov 2 I shot a bull moose on Trafton Branch 44 inch spread

Nov 25 John McKinnon & Lilly Kelly were Married



Jan 15 I was apointed Game Warden and got Don working for Davis

Jan 22 old Mrs Patrick Martin Died

Feb8 John Parent got Married in St Leonards we went and played for them had a good time

Feb 22 John Thibodeau got Killed he fell of the old wooden Rail Road Bridge

Mar 5 old Magloire Martin Died

Mar 20 Jack Howard Died

April 13 I seized a quarter of moose meat from Sinkevitz

April 16 Edward McCluskey gave a Grand Ball in Kertson's Hall had a good time

May 4 they hung two Italins down Andover for the murder of Peddeler Green

[I also remember at least two murders at that time. One was a jewellery peddler named Paddy Green, who was robbed and murdered by Italians, somewhere between Wapske and Longley. The two murderers were apprehended and hanged at Andover. http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~nbtvglhg/railroad_victoria_county.htm]

[The Victoria County Courthouse
is a 1876 Second Empire style building which has served as a jail and as the site of public hangings. In 1909 Green the Peddler was murdered by two Italians, who later were proved guilty and hanged at the Court House. The building is still a functioning courthouse for Victoria County and is now a "Designated Historic Site". Photo - courtesy of Alton Morrell. http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~nbvictor/]

May 19 Dr Charles B Rouleau Died

June 1 Anny Oregan & Billy Goodine were married and gave a dance in the hall

July 5 Frank St Amand got married

July 7 I went down to Woodstock to horse race back 10th

July 12 Kenny Fraser Died

July 20 Edward McCluskey Gertie Mullherin got married

Sept 15 I went hunting up Sissen Br shot a white Deer

Oct 25 I was sworn in has Game Warden

Oct 25 Bill Burgess Died

Oct 25 A Grand Ball held in George Price's new skating Rink

Sept  G Percy Fraser & Sadie Price got married



Nov little Dominic Michaud Died


Feb Mrs. George Sirois Died

May 6th King Edward VII Died Burried 20th


Edward usually smoked twenty cigarettes and twelve cigars a day. Towards the end of his life he increasingly suffered from bronchitis.[10] In March 1910, the King was staying at Biarritz when he collapsed. He remained there to convalesce, while in London Asquith tried to get the Finance Bill passed. The King's continued ill-health was unreported and he attracted criticism for staying in France whilst political tensions were so high. On 27 April he returned to Buckingham Palace, still suffering from severe bronchitis. Alexandra returned from visiting her brother, King George I of Greece, in Corfu a week later on 5 May.
The following day, the King suffered several heart attacks, but refused to go to bed saying, "No, I shall not give in; I shall go on; I shall work to the end."[82]Between moments of faintness, the Prince of Wales (shortly to be King George V) told him that his horse, Witch of the Air, had won at Kempton Park that afternoon. The King replied, "I am very glad": his final words.[10] At half-past-eleven he lost consciousness for the last time and was put to bed. He died at 11:45 pm[82]  Wikipedia]

Edward VII
Coronation portrait

King of the United Kingdom and the British DominionsEmperor of India (more...)
Reign22 January 1901 – 6 May 1910
Coronation9 August 1902
SuccessorGeorge V
Prime MinistersSee list
Imperial Durbar1 January 1903
ConsortAlexandra of Denmark
Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence
George V
Louise, Princess Royal and Duchess of Fife
Princess Victoria
Maud, Queen of Norway
Prince Alexander John of Wales
Full name
Albert Edward
HouseHouse of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
FatherPrince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
MotherQueen Victoria
Born9 November 1841
Buckingham Palace, London
Died6 May 1910 (aged 68)
Buckingham Palace, London
Burial20 May 1910
St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle

May 18 Mrs. J. R. Wade Died

May 16 Mrs. Arthur Lavoie Died
[That is the order in which he entered those diary posts for May]

June 7 Herbert Taite Louise LeClair & Doctor Gr Anna Pelletier got married [difficult to read]

June 14 Harry Carroll Edith Blanchette & Exzidor Boucher Loucie Cyr got married Big dance in marquise's hall

June 20 I went to Celabration in Denmark [New Denmark, New Brunswick]

July Old David Gagnon Died

Aug Old Elizabeth Petit Died

July they started to work on the Water works Powers & Brewer got the Job

July big fire in Campbellton [New Brunswick]

[Mid-July of 1910 brought disaster to the north when Campbellton was leveled by fire.
The blaze started on the afternoon of July 11 at one of the thriving lumber town's mills, and gale force winds created an instant wildfire.
"Campbellton is wiped out," said a July 12 report from Dalhousie. "Every industry is gone, the great lumber mills, with all the piled lumber, are destroyed; every store and professional office, the Royal Bank of Canada, the Bank of N.B., and the I.C.R. depot and shops, all hotels and the grammar school, the convent and the large concrete hospital and every church."
The conflagration left 5,000 homeless, and aid trains were sent from other cities and towns. Tents were in short supply, and many remained without shelter.
"The thousands of homeless people here are having a hard time today with a heavy rain falling," said a July 13 dispatch. "It is estimated that almost 3,000 refugees spent the night in the woods about here, and there have been some pathetic scenes.
"Last night a baby was born to the mother of a homeless family who are in the woods."
Damage was estimated at more than $3 million, including the new Intercolonial Railway station, freight sheds, round house, machine shops and rolling stock.
Every patient in the new hospital had been rescued, but their benefactors risked their own lives to get them out. Among them was Campbellton Police Chief Robert Crawford, who "very narrowly escaped from meeting his death in the burning building, having gone so far as to have his hat and coat burned from him."
Within days, officials added to their worries the fear of outbreaks of smallpox, diptheria and typhoid.

Sept 8&9 Nellie Gill stock Cony played in old Virginnia & A White Lie [from what I find by googling, the Nellie Gill Players was a Vermont based summer Stock Company - a touring theatre group]

Sept 19, 20 &21 Glyds Klark stock Co played Old Tennessee
      the Boss of ? ranch &
      My Dixie Girl
[http://www.circushistory.org/Pdf/ShowsOfBygoneDays.pdf] [should read Gladys Clark]

Oct 3 4 &5 the Yale stock Co played a Jelous Wife
      the Princess of Patches
     A Travling Man

Oct 10 The Robinson Co Gave a bum show


Oct 19 & 20 Willmot Young Co were here 2 nights and Played The Frozen Trail and My Girl

     Old Mrs May Died

     Barney McCarthy Died

Nov 4th Opening Ball in Rex MacLaren new Hall

Nov 25th The IOF had a Basket Social and dance in MacLaren new Hall
     Music by Maple Leaf Orchestra

Dec   Peter Tuck Jr got married to Effie

Dec   Charles White Sr Died

Dec   Mrs H Fraser Died


Feb   O Peter Lavoie Died [might be an O or it might be a scribble]

May 1st 5 men drownded at Edmoundston

May 3rd Ethel Appelby Shot herself

May 2 the Play called Black Beauty was here was very good

June 12 A Marton & Kate Sirois were Married Ethel Kelly and I stood up for them

June 13 Frank Pelletier & Nellie Crosier were married [Nellie was a sister to his sister Mathilde's husband Joseph Crozier]

May C.F. Merritte & Danial Gillispie were burnt out

June 22 King George V and Queen Mary were Crowned

George V
Full-length portrait in oils of a blue-eyed, brown-haired man of slim build, with a beard and moustache. He wears a British naval uniform under an ermine cape, and beside him a jewelled crown stands on a table.
Coronation portrait by Sir Luke Fildes, 1911

King of the United Kingdom and the British DominionsEmperor of India (more ...)
Reign6 May 1910 – 20 January 1936
Coronation22 June 1911
PredecessorEdward VII
SuccessorEdward VIII
Prime MinistersSee list
Imperial Durbar12 December 1911
ConsortMary of Teck
Edward VIII
George VI
Mary, Princess Royal, Countess of Harewood
Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester
Prince George, Duke of Kent
Prince John
Full name
George Frederick Ernest Albert
HouseHouse of Windsor
House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
FatherEdward VII
MotherAlexandra of Denmark
Born3 June 1865
Marlborough House, London
Died20 January 1936 (aged 70)
Sandringham House, Norfolk
Burial29 January 1936
St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle
ReligionChurch of E

June 2 Excurtion to Campbellton a good trip

July 4 Leo Neilsen got Drownded in Salmon River [Neilson difficult to read - may not be correct]

July 4 celabration at Fort Fairfield I got a free trip in Martin's auto [Fort Fairfield, Maine]

To be continued . . . Each page takes a while because I like to google the events and people that he mentions.